Not sure what Autotests are? Well you may have seen the way Russ Swift and other professional stunt drivers can make their cars “dance”? Well Russ began on Autotests, which train you to handle your car with great precision. A course is set out on tarmac (or grass), creating a number of gates, garages and slaloms.


Each competitor has two timed runs at each course before the layout is changed, giving up to five different courses at each event. Times from each run are index-linked against other competitors in all classes, to decide on the overall result.

Competing in a standard car is fine, perhaps just swapping onto older tyres to save shredding your street rubber. Minis are very popular, and are sometimes cut down into “topless” form. Space-framed specials (often self-made) with individually operating rear brakes, are poetry in motion in the hands of an expert driver.

Young drivers can compete from the age of 16 in a “standard” car.

The organization of the series, normally six events, is looked after by Malcolm Lister and details of the 2015 events will be listed on the Events page as we near the dates of first few events. It is hoped that up to 3 locations will be used this year which will be a mix of tarmac, loose gravel and grass.

Some of the events we organise are included in the ACF Challenge, run as mixed club events with members of Rotherham MC, Sheffield and Hallamshire MC and Worksop MC taking part.